Jaded Moon Publishing is a Montreal-based self-publishing company, created in 2019, committed to bringing books to fruition.

Its first book MANIC WARS by Trina Ann Pion will be available for pre-order on December 20,2019 and for sale on January 3, 2020.

Trina Ann Pion


Montreal-born Trina Ann Pion has loved the art of storytelling since she first heard her grandmother utter the words “once upon a time.”

Educated in business and journalism, the urge to write stories never left her.

When she isn’t writing, Trina spends her time reading, painting, sculpting or drinking coffee with friends and family.

Email me: trinaannpion@jadedmoonpublishing.com


by Trina Ann Pion

Trina Ann Pion’s semi-autobiographical debut novel Manic Wars tells the story of Christina Wars, a single mother in the midst of a manic bipolar episode.

While in and out of the mental hospital, Christina finds herself getting sicker and losing touch with reality until psychosis takes over her whole life and she is arrested for the most bizarre crime.

Christina finds herself not only fighting for her freedom but also fighting for her safety behind bars with unstable inmates and shady guards pushing her buttons at every turn.

At any moment, Christina’s nightmares could become reality with her life crashing down to its end.

Will she gain back her freedom or lose it permanently?

Email me: trinaannpion@jadedmoonpublishing.com


Blog by Trina Ann Pion

Dreams, Nightmares and In Between is a weekly blog Trina writes. It covers a variety of topics with guest writers from all walks of life. It’s intention is for readers to get to know Trina better.

Email me: trinaannpion@dreamsnightmaresandinbetween.com



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